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My Doula Calling

For many years I've experienced very unique and quite vivid dreams about babies. I can always sense when someone is pregnant or about to become pregnant.

Babies, in my opinion, are the most pure form of life. They are essentially still connected to the spirit realm. (This connection tends to fade within the world as we age). Before they took their human form, they were spirit, and it is through spirit that I experience my dreams. 

There are many stories that I could share, but for the sake of time I will only share a couple. My experiences are very sacred to me and those I've shared them with, so for this reason I will not share too much information. 

One moment that I will always remember was with my college professor. I went on a field trip with my professor and a group of classmates to a history museum. After the field trip we went to lunch in the city and she treated us for lunch. While we waited for our food and my classmates were grabbing their things, we began small talking. Somewhere in our conversation I felt the need to ask if she had any kids. She smiled really hard and looked at me and said no. I thought "hmm...I wonder why she's smiling so hard but saying no". We carried our conversation, the others rejoined us, and we ate our food. A few months later I noticed her shirt size expanded and I said "hmmmm...". A few more weeks passed, and on this day she wore a loose fitting white blouse. I noticed she began to walk a little slower and her shirt size was even larger than before. I came to her after class and I said "heyyyyy, are you...?". She gave me the same huge smile that she gave me the day I asked her if she had any kids. She said "the same day you asked me was the morning I took my pregnancy test and found out that I was pregnant". This moment was so special. I took her class the following semester and she happily showed me photos of her new little family! (2019)

One morning I had a dream and it was very interesting. I was in a hospital room and seeing a little naked baby girl being held. Her little legs were crossed, her hair was dark colored and swooped, her skin was beautiful, and she was just about to be bundled up. I woke up thinking that it was an odd dream because it didn't feel like it was me in the hospital bed nor did it feel like she was my baby. I thought "ehh, whatever". Later on that night, my friends posted that they were in the labor and delivery unit. I thought "OMG! That dream was about them". I waited patiently to see if their baby looked like the same little girl from my dream. They finally posted a photo and she looked exactly like the baby from my dream. In shock and amazement, I thought "whoah...". (2021)

The moments that finally pushed me go into doula work was from an experience with my family. I experienced my first dreams about my uncle's baby when I was in high school. At the time, I didn't know whose baby it was but I knew she was family. I began having the same dreams in the summer of 2021. I visited him one day and he gave me the news that they were expecting. This moment gave me great joy and I began to cry telling him that I knew it! I told him that I had already seen her in my dreams but I didn't know when the time would come. The morning before my new aunt's labor, I had a sequence of 3 dreams. The first dream was me talking to a little baby in her car seat. The second was a huge party celebration with all of my family. The third was a guided walk up a beautiful mountain with my uncle and my aunt. As the day went on my aunt sent me a message that she was in labor. I came to their house that night and experienced my very first birth as a doula. I was honored to have had this experience with them. I am also honored to have followed my calling because of their new journey. (2022)

There are many other stories that I could share but what I'd like for you to understand is that I didn't just choose to become a doula. I am simply following my calling. I have a gift that must be shared with others. We are taught to search for our purpose in life, but the truth is our calling will find us. 

It is not just an occupation, it is a blessing.

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