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Exploring YouTube Moms

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

There are plenty of mothers who have charted their birth experience and provided advice for expecting moms through YouTube. Two of my favorite women who have given great tips are: The Find Guru and Earth Mama Medicine.

The Find Guru:

The foundation of her channel is dedicated to sharing information on how she improves her health and wellness. This foundation is what led her to create a beautiful series of videos on her prenatal journey, labor, birth, and postpartum journey. She also includes many links to the videos that helped her along her pregnancy and birth journey as well. She shares information for yoni steaming and yoni care. I highly recommend watching at least one of her videos in an area of your personal interest. Personally, I was able to discover things like hypnosis-birthing, Native midwives, postpartum baths, and more through her channel alone.

Earth Mama Medicine:

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